Ground Level

Ground Level

                                          Ground Level (Leica Monochrom + VC15/4.5)

Went for a walk to Ponsonby on Tuesday for an appointment, and took the mighty Monochrom + VC15 + Manfroto table top tripod combination. Allowing 90 minutes for a 40 minute walk I managed to get a few interesting shots. The one above on Hopetoun Road at the lookout over Western Park. The one below on Ponsonby Rd, the guy walking into shot was trying to work out what I was doing. Really like an ultra wide angle lens shot at ground level.

Ponsonby Rd, Ground level

                                          Ponsonby Rd, Ground level (Leica Monochrom + VC15/4.5)

On the walk up I walked through Lorne St and saw this excellent little graphic for the new anti-smoking campaign. Have to support that with a mention.

Why Hookup?

                                            Why Hook up? (Leica Monochrom + VC15/4.5)

And on Pitt Street saw this cool street art.

Street Art

                                                Street Art (Leica Monochrom + VC15/4.5)

All in all is was a nice little walk, a bit of exercise, and got some subject matter for this post.


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