Before the humans arrive

Before the humans

                                                Before the humans (Monochrom + 28 Summicron)

The weather gods have conspired against us this weekend in Auckland, NZ:(  Been superb weather all week but as soon as Friday night comes, heavy rain is forecast for Saturday morning. Typical! Well when I got up this morning the rain hadn’t started, and for an hour or so I tried to decide whether I should go for a ride and take my normal saturday shots.

Strand Arcade

                                                   Strand Arcade (Monochrom + 28 Summicron)

As you can tell by these city shots I didn’t get out of the city on the bike. So a quick pre-breakfast, and pre-rain, walk around the city before the workers arrive.

Before the Humans

                                        Before the Humans (Monochrom + 28 Summicron)

Nothing really amazing here but I love to be out in the busy CBD streets before anybody is around. This time of morning really makes you aware of just how many people live on the streets in Auckland. Quite amazing and a little disconcerting.

Before the humans

                                     Before the humans (Monochrom + 28 Summicron)

Well it is 10:30am and the heavy rain still hasn’t hit central Auckland. I should have gone for a ride.



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