Newtown Streetart camera walk

Nicollette Hannah

Last week I was in Sydney Australia helping my daughter, pictured above, emigrate for her traditional Kiwi OE.

Only being in Sydney for four days, and being very much city-bound, I thought just taking my Mamiya Universal Press and 5 rolls of Kodak Potra would make sense.

On day 2, while my daughter was at job interview, I walked from Central up to LDF Tattoos in Newtown, and after booking a time for my daughter and I to get matching father/daughter tattoos, I asked if they could recommend any good street art areas in Newtown. I was told to head to May Lane which was a short walk a long King Street from where I was. I never got to May Lane because the whole of King Street and side streets is covered in cool street art.

Newtown has a real cool alternative vibe and a must see for anyone who has a film camera visiting Sydney. And anyone looking to get some ink while wandering through Newtown see Cory at LDF.

May Lane will have to wait until my next visit. Below are some of my favourites.

Newtown Street Art-3

I love this one!

Newtown Street Art-5

Cars in the frame to give a sense of the scale of it. Eyes are unbelievable!

Newtown Street Art-2

In the alley.

Newtown Street Art

Was drawn to this one by the grittiness of the whole scene.

More to follow.

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