A Linhof 612 for street photography?

A strange premise I agree but the massive 6×12 negative gives you so much room to spare when walking the streets. I am not really a classic street photographer, I don’t like shoving a camera in someones face, rather I am more a ‘what is happening’ on the streets type of guy. The photo below a young guy was losing his car, two cop cars and a tow truck means he is walking home. The 612 neg fits it all in with room to spare.


Is winter here in NZ and I thought I would go for a walk to look for some fallen leaves. Had the Linhof loaded with Kodak Ektar so the colours should be nice a punchy. Auckland has more  evergreen flora but was able to find some deciduous trees, and a huge pile of leaves.



It certainly is not a quick fire experience of zone focusing a rangefinder camera and shooting from the hip but the results of this gem speak for themselves. The Linhof is built like a tank and everything about it has been well thought out. Simple to load, simple to advance, all in all simple to use.


Never say never on using any camera on the street. As much as I like digital I don’t think I will ever give up film.

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