A7r and 50 Summicron, Long Bay, Auckland NZ


Well I have had my Sony A7r for about 3 weeks now and I am loving it. This camera seems to have caused a bit of stir with the traditional Leica Fanboys. Me? I am certainly a Leica fanboy at heart but credit where credit is due, Sony have done an amazing job with this camera! Those who have read a few of my posts might remember I dropped my M9 in the Auckland harbour, not clever, and I decided not to re-up with the Leica M-240 and got the Sony RX-1 instead.

With the arrival of the A7r I couldn’t resist, sold my A99 and was first on the list with Photo Warehouse, and I haven’t been disappointed.


Long exposure is my thing mainly and this camera is the perfect vehicle for it. Live view, articulated screen, magnified manual focus, accepts my Leica lenses, 36mp FF sensor and in a tiny body, which is a breeze to carry and mount on a tripod.

The 50 Summicron is superb on the A7r, the 28 Summicron a little less consistent with some red fringing but I often crop square so that is no real problem either.


Same one below in colour.


Not sure I would change anything with this camera. Do I miss my M9? Sometimes the answer would have to be yes, but I trust the Sony will keep working, the M9 not so much.

Will post some more soon with my Leica R PC 28 2.8 SA.


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