Street Art Auckland

Nuffield Street

One of my favourite pass times is to walk around my home town of Auckland, with a film camera shooting in a documentary style, things that I see.

A staple of my walks is often graffiti and/or street art. The pic above I shot in Newmarket in an alley off Nuffield Street on my Leica M6 Ti loaded with Fuji 200.

With the documentary style in mind I am picking up a new beast today to get a little more regular with this documentary post. A nice Mamiya Universal Press camera with 6×7 and 6×9 back. So this used in conjunction with my M6 will be the main providers for this blog.

Chris Cornell

A nice tribute to Chris Cornell.

Wall flower

Love the minimal look as well.  Jervois Road.

African Woman

Another from Nuffield Street.


Can Lamborghini adopt me please?

More to come soon.


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