Cambo Actus + 24 Actar + Sony a7rII

Actar Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower from my deck (second test pic)

My photography is always interspersed with an almost uncontrollable urge to update my gear to the level above where I operate, whatever that might be. The urge has always been strong for a  Technical Camera like an Alpa, Arca Swiss RM3di, Cambo WRS with a digital back.  Now to purchase something like this will set you back an amount similar to a new car, and a decent one at that. My attraction I think comes because I truly loved my Hasselblad Arcbody system, and love the measured thoughtful way I had to operate that with it.  If it worked seamlessly with a MFD back I would still own it.

The Cambo Actus is the perfect bridge system to a potential tech camera purchase down the line somewhere, but also helps use similar tilt/shift/swing movements with my current mirrorless camera. Now my wife is hoping that I get the fix I need from the Cambo and forget about MFDB and a Tech camera but it is hard because she is Swiss and the Swiss make most of the great tech cameras so the temptation is severe. Every time we visit her homeland she heads to the Laederach shop and I want to go to Alpa or Sinar or the local Arca-Swiss agent.

My initial impressions of the Actus are that is a very well thought out, well made, precision instrument. Paired with the Actar and the A7rII I now have the perfect long exposure panorama device I have been looking for. Sony don’t have a TSE lens in their line up, I have tried and returned the Samyang 24 TSE and I have also adapted the Canon TSE’s previously but adaptors drive me crazy.

So the Actus it is. I will continue to update my page on how things are going with it but initial impressions are that it is a keeper. The two pics attached are tests from my deck. Hopefully the weather holds and I will head out tomorrow morning for a full on session.

Dramtic sky

Dramatic Skies, Auckland NZ (first test pic)

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