Leica Monochrom can see in the dark!


Narrowneck Beach

Early morning and early evening are probably my favourite times with my favourite camera, the Leica Monochrom M. The meter in most cases will protect the highlights and once in Lightroom you are able to pull great detail from the shadows. The MM can effectively see in the dark.

As an early riser, I often have an hour or so spare each morning, before I have my second coffee with the better half around 6.30am. Wandering around the city with the MM on a low tripod offers great photo opportunities.


Cyclist riding through Auckland Domain


Bus travelling up Symonds St

My Saturday morning bike ride took me to Westwell Road reserve. Once I got there and unloaded the gear from the bike I noticed there was a big temporary fence and a sign to say closed due to falling rocks. These things happen so I decided to head down the hill to Narrow Neck Beach.


Narrow Neck Beach


.. and in the other direction


There was a gorgeous sunrise over Rangitoto. Had the RX-1 with me so couldn’t resist snapping a couple.


Sunrise over Rangitoto

Winter here in Auckland continues to amaze with the weather. Long may it last I say.

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