Last week my wife and I went to Australia for a day of business meetings. I have never been one to travel somewhere without being able to at least spend a day of leisure. So we added a day and I brought my kit.

My wife is not to interested in taking photos. Her logic is of a Swiss nature, that my photos are better than hers so why would she bother taking any at all. After all I have all the gear and the biggest camera she will carry around is a Fuji X10 or her iPhone. So the best way for her and I to be able to spend time together is to find local scenic walks when ever we visit somewhere. So rather than go shopping we decided to take a bus to the Spit bridge and do the Spit Bridge to Manly walk. Depending on what site you read online, it is about 10kms, well appointed and very scenic. We went around 8am after coffee and breakfast at Charlie Lovett. Great coffee, if you are in Sydney try them out they are great and soon to be in NZ if I can concentrate on work rather than photo blogs:).

Sydney is a City of 5 million so traffic wasn’t great so allow time to get there.

The walk was all that it was advertised as.  Traditional Aussie bush, then through very affluent suburbs, coastal walks through the rocks, throw in a few hills, it had it all. There are great views of the Sydney Heads, City views and especially good Panorama views of Manly Bay and surrounds.

For gear I decided if I couldn’t fit it in my Kata 2n1 then it wasn’t coming. So Sony SLT-A99, Zeiss 15/2.8 Zf.2 (modded to fit Sony A Mount), PC28/2.8 Super Angulon, a little Minolta 50/1.7 and my MeFOTO tripod.

After a kilometre or so I realised that there weren’t to many opportunities to shoot anything with dramatic foreground interest so I swapped out the Zeiss 15mm with the PC28/2.8SA and decided that I would shoot Panoramas with the shift lens. Any of you that have read my earlier post on this lens know how good it is.

So I could keep the bag light I didn’t bring any filters so I bracketed each shot +/-  2 stops combined each bracket in Nik HDR Pro and then stitched in Photoshop. I nice and easy workflow and as long as you pick a semi-realistic HDR setting in HDR Pro the results are always to my liking.

Once we got to Manly we sampled my wife’s favorite vice, Gelato @ Gelatissimo. After walking 10kms in 28c temperatures who was I to argue.

Anyway some sample photos below.

Sydney Heads


Manly Bay below.


Another from Manly Bay.


It really is a nice walk. Keep an eye out because I have just bought a Linhof Technorama 612 and will post thoughts and samples soon.

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