Zurich, CH

After a long flight AKL-SIN, SIN-ZCH arriving around 8am and got into Central Zürich around 10am. After we tried unsuccessfully to fit our bags in the lockers at Zürich Bahnhof we were able to leave them in the storeroom for CHF10 per case. Ouch!


Anyway weather was nice if a little cloudy. We went for a wander around and first port of call was to find a Wurst and Buerli butcher that we frequented last time we were there. Superb sausage. Then decided to wander down from the Old town to the lake and noticed some locals feeding the Swans.


Then across the bridge looking back along the river we noticed a boat very similar to Karin’s parent’s one so managed  to get Rolleiflex out quickly enough to get this before boatees headed to Restaurant on the left of shot.



Being back in CH in summer meant that my wife was keen to find Gelati so we headed back towards Bahnhofstrasse and on the way passed this alleyway. It is one of my lasting memories of Zurich.


Gelati in the park and then we decided time to head to Sta Gallen and then Mami’s place in Goldach. Below a shot from Karin’s bed room. Goldach to Bodensee


And Goldach to Rorschacherberg.


We managed to stay awake until about 9.30pm and that was day one.

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