Walking around

One thing I think most photo enthusiasts have in common is the enjoyment derived from wandering around your home town with a camera, and just shooting what you see. For me though this type of activity is more suited to film than digital. I am not sure why but I think the texture evident in shots taken with film makes it a little more appealing.

Over the last couple of years I have sold down most of my film gear and as such it was a perfect opportunity to take my first serious camera for a walk, a Minolta XD-7. The XD-7 is renowned as the first SLR to have Aperture priority and with big bright view finder and excellent meter it was a joy to revisit with this old friend. Managed to borrow a MD20mm lens this week so I will post some shots with that combination in future weeks.

untitled shoot-5untitled shoot-15untitled shoot-20untitled shoot-21

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